Finding Our Way Back into Community...

Health, Love and Affection

November 2022

2022 seems to be the year of coming back into community – of gathering together again. As human beings we require actual nurturing physical touch combined with emotional intimacy in order to thrive. The challenges of the pandemic have brought that into clearer focus for all of us. We crave it. Without it we are stunted in our growth and ability to connect with the world. Some people are conscious of this. Others are not – but are still governed by these needs.

Two months ago, we talked about how your nervous system may have been negatively affected by the isolation of the pandemic – a slow change that you may not even have noticed until it was pointed out. And then last month, I added the need for deep listening to each other as we come back together.

Because October – December hold so many possibilities for coming physically into community again - perhaps for the first time since the pandemic shut everything down – it is an opportunity for each of us to reflect on our life - health, love and affection.

No matter what the pandemic “gifted” you with, none of us are the same people we were before COVID.

  • Those who are more introverted may have had an easier time for a while.
  • Those who found themselves quarantined in exhausting or seriously challenging situations may have had those problematic issues come into clearer focus.
  • Those who had a safe “pod” to gather with may now be returning to larger family groups and community.
  • Those who had serious losses or isolation during the pandemic are probably still feeling the traumatic impact.

No matter what your circumstances – we are all being offered the opportunity to forge healthy connections with those around us in ways that fit us better now.

I have been quite creative during the pandemic ;) as love and deep connection are always at the top of my priority list.

Those of you who have engaged in the Distance Healing From the Core curriculum know how that close community has fed our emotional needs over the course of the last few years as people built strong in depth distance healing skills.

Those who have forged the hybrid CST study groups with me have gotten to safely re-enter into physical community without leaving home in most cases!

I am about to launch another opportunity and I want to invite all of you.

When Dr. Joel Ying and I teach our annual live-online Release and Renewal Retreat (January 6-8th, 2023) we will be offering it in a format that allows for everyone to gather safely in person - wherever you are – and to share this retreat with your best friends, family or colleagues who may have an interest in this powerful, intention setting process. It will also work if you are solo and want a partner or two, to work with online.

We are excited about being able to offer this impactful, valuable process to a wider audience in this expanded format.

ALL of us right now need to look within and make decisions for 2023 and the rest of our lives about what feeds us deeply – what is truly on our Soul’s path – and what we no longer want or need. So read on and get registered if this speaks to you or your circle of friends and family.

As you come back into community and into your life, this is your opportunity to consciously choose your path – to connection, to love and to the joy of who you are at a Soul level.

Take some time and reflect on what works best for you, given who you are now.

Take advantage of the Early Bird discount by registering today, put it on your calendar and start thinking about who you want to contact to join you for this deeply satisfying opportunity.

If you schedule it today – pre-Holiday rush – you not only save on the tuition, it will be there waiting for you when 2023 rolls around! In late December we will be sending out pre-training journaling questions to percolate on and get you started. Be thinking about who you want to gather with as you welcome in 2023 during the three days of our Release and Renewal.

So you can answer clearly:

  • Who am I now?
  • How have my needs changed?
  • How do I want to update my life to fit me moving forward?
  • And what will support me in stepping into my Soul’s Path?
  • And taking it into action in my life?

(Remember, not taking action is just as much of a choice – and the price can be high)

This is a clear, love-filled process that Joel and I are looking forward to with all of you – so please do join us if this is what calls you! Commit to being the Best You possible in the New Year and on into the rest of your life.

About the Author

Suzanne Scurlock, author of books Reclaiming Your Body and Full Body Presence and creator of the Healing From the Core® curriculum, specializes in conscious awareness and its relationship to the healing process. She’s written hundreds of articles, including numerous columns and features for Massage Magazine and Massage Today.

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