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Healing the Pelvic Core

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Healing the Pelvic Core

Healing the Pelvic Core™

Workshop for Women

with Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D

Reclaim Your Feminine Power

Heal and Transform – Unlock the Creative Energy within Your Pelvis

This course is approved by NCBTMB for 36 CE Hours

As women, our pelvis holds a profound creative force that often remains untapped. The sacred area that gives us the ability to birth new life can harbor unhealed wounds, hindering our connection to feminine power and leaving us feeling unfulfilled.

Physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma to the pelvic core can cause this potent creative energy to become blocked, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from our feminine power, preventing us from feeling fully alive…unless you intentionally release, heal, transform, and integrate it.

The Healing the Pelvic Core™ workshop is your unique opportunity for deep healing, rarely found in other workshops. After two decades of facilitating these workshops, Suzanne has witnessed the transformational effect Healing the Pelvic Core has on women. It lays the foundation for positive, lasting change for participants. Many of the friendships and connections made during these retreats continue until today.


What you will gain from this workshop:

Experience Renewed Feminine Energy

Experience a multi-day journey into new possibilities for renewed feminine energy, enhanced health, and a profound sense of pleasure in being a woman.

Heal Unresolved Trauma

Unresolved trauma disconnects us from the rich wisdom in our Pelvis and all the cells of our body. Unresolved trauma locks us out of the current moment and keeps us stuck in the past. When you can’t feel the present-moment sensations of your body, you relate to life through your past trauma, preventing you from moving forward. Through sensory awareness techniques, guided imagery, movement, and hands-on exercises (clothing-on), we address the pelvic core, healing wounds from difficult births, sexual assault, abortions, miscarriages, and more.

Discover Knowledge About the Female Body

So many women are not taught about the anatomy and the biology of their own bodies, and the transitional stages of life women move through as they age. Gain valuable anatomic knowledge presented alongside pelvic core yoga and abdominal and colonic massage, enhancing your understanding of the healing process.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Any woman seeking profound personal healing. Past participants have ranged in age from 18 to 80.
  • Healthcare professionals, therapists, and other practitioners desiring non-invasive techniques to facilitate healing in women.

Part of the workshop is spent exploring nature and how our connection to the earth deepens our connection to ourselves. The location sites for Healing the Pelvic Core are thoughtfully chosen for the natural beauty of their surrounding area, with plentiful access to woodland and forests for lots of hikes and meditation time outdoors.


October 11 - 15, 2024

Still Point Wellness

946 Tunnel Rd

Asheville, NC

Still Point Wellness is well located with many good hotels and restaurants close by. Details will be sent after registration.

Claymont Mansion

April 2 - 6, 2025*

Claymont Mansion

577 Claymont Mansion Rd

Charles Town, WV

*We will start at 12pm with lunch on the 2nd and end with lunch on the 6th. You are welcome to arrive Wednesday morning and leave Claymont by 4pm on Sunday.

Claymont Mansion includes Room and Board

Esalen Institute


Esalen Institute

55000 CA-1

Big Sur, CA

Esalen Institute includes Room and Board

A Few of Our Many Happy Participants

"I experienced - while held in safe, loving, supportive space - a rebirth; one that completely rewired and re-informed every cell in my body. For the first time, I felt like I truly belonged here, and that my coming onto the planet was an event that was worth celebrating.

Nothing like being ushered into the world while having your soul song sung.

Without a doubt, this has been the most transformative event of my time.

I feel unbounded and free!!"
Li-sann Mullings

"This class holds space for deep healing, provides eye-opening information about being a woman, and helps connect women to their power.  I watched every woman in the class move through deep transformation and brighten in their divine feminine selves."
Sirena Masket

"I am so grateful to Suzanne for sharing her knowledge, gifts and presence with the world.  She and her beautiful teaching assistants who help to hold space and work with students, have most definitely changed my life. If there is any part of you that is thinking maybe, but I’m not sure, I’m not “that” person, and your body is telling you to do it anyway, even if it is just a whisper - listen, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of finding what you are looking for."
Jennifer Walden

"All I can say is WOW!  I can’t believe how much my life has been impacted in just one week.  This is life-changing stuff.  I can’t wait to take on the world with a whole new outlook. I highly recommend this course."
Kylie Steines

"This was a most profound experience - I have attended many workshops and this one sent me out into the world having advanced deeply my growth and opened my heart in a truly embodied way."
Meta Tibke

Healing the Pelvic Core Workshop Highlights

(Details may vary slightly according to location)

  • Opening Circle – Weaving the container for our healing, taking a baseline in sensation as we Ground and Fill and journal the experience.
  • Reclaiming Your Power as a Woman – Building your Full Body Presence skills + energetic skills for holding a healing space for another, & our place in history.
  • Opening Up Your Breath, movement and sound resources for the pelvis + non-invasive touch skills.
  • Pelvic Anatomy and Discussions with Pelvic Floor Experts
  • Yoga for the Pelvic Floor.
  • Uncovering Your Lineage and Holding it in a New Way
  • Your Nervous System & Trauma
  • Herb Gathering and Preparation (Esalen Institute only) – Connecting & Receiving resources from the natural world around us.
  • Sacred Women’s Healing Temple Ceremony & Celebration
  • Claiming Your Changes + Talk on how to grow your sexuality and pleasure at all stages of your life.
  • Women’s Final Celebration

Learn More About HPC with Suzanne Scurlock

Frequently Asked Questions

In this video, Suzanne Scurlock shares how her own pelvic floor issues led her to create this workshop for women as well as answering some frequently-asked questions. Please note this video was recorded over five years ago and since then the name of the course has changed from from Healing the Pelvic Floor to Healing the Pelvic Core. Suzanne's name has changed, too! 

Watch two insightful discussions with one of our Pelvic Floor Experts, Heather Hannam, PT.

Self Advocacy

Jaw Pain

Community and Empowerment
Join a community of like-minded women committed to creating a safe and authentic space for healing. Rediscover the strength and beauty of your feminine power while nurturing your soul.

Guided Experience
Under the expert guidance of Suzanne Scurlock, immerse yourself in:

  • Sensory awareness techniques
  • Energetic boundary practices
  • Healing from past trauma

Your Transformation Awaits
Embark on this transformative journey, cultivating healthy boundaries, embracing the present moment, and tapping into your body's wisdom. Reclaim the creative power that resides within you.

Join us and Discover

  • Energetic skills for holding a healthy healing space for yourself ... and for others.
  • Reclaiming sensual awareness with breath, movement, sound, and sacred ceremony
  • Embodying healthy boundaries to keep you safe in your own body
  • Healing from past trauma and new ways to nourish yourself that honor who you are
  • And much more…

Why Healing the Pelvic Core™?
Unlike other workshops, this course offers profound healing, scientific and anatomical insights, and a holistic approach to reclaiming your feminine power.

Invest in Yourself
Secure your spot for a life-changing experience. Your investment in this workshop is an investment in your well-being, creativity, and a deeper connection to your authentic self.

More Testimonials

"I have done a lot of workshops in the past 25 years or so and I have to say that Suzanne is the only workshop leader I feel totally comfortable with. In her presence, I know that whatever unfolds is for the best.

Her work is essential in healing and bringing the Divine Feminine in all its splendor! And the cherry on the top was a healing miracle when I came back from the workshop!"
— Anonymous

"My stubborn nature was very guarded. Skeptical at the beginning, but that survivor/fighter was thankfully stronger. Now, as I sit quietly digesting and contemplating what has been processed, I realize I have been transitioned into a different part of my journey. A necessary shift, a life-altering change in perspective which could very well have saved my life. "

"This was an amazing journey into my inner chambers - I have rediscovered the beauty of simply being me :)"
Sandy Sheinman

"Through Suzanne’s experiential teaching and intimate connection to my body with the help of my beautiful sisterhood of women, I now know how to feel the brilliant wisdom of my body.  I also love my sweet body now, especially the round belly!  I am so content and empowered."
Debbie Hunt

"This is by far the best workshop experience I’ve ever had.  This is more than a workshop.  It is an opportunity for transformation."
— Karen C