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January 2022

Now that we’ve covered Body Myths 1 and 2, can you guess Body Myth 3?

Drumroll please …

“The Body Is Seductive and Leads You Astray”

If this message sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

If this message sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Most major religions warn us against fully feeling various parts of our body to keep this primal energy in check.

Maybe you’ve been admonished to:

  • “Guard against your body’s urges.”
  • “Control your body’s impulses.”
  • “Stay in charge of your body so you can hold its compulsions at bay.”

Meanwhile, popular culture, advertising and the media flood us with sexual images.


Because marketers recognize this primal energy can help motivate and sell almost anything.

The problem is, they twist the vision of what’s attractive.

And that leaves most of us chasing a phantom image that promises to make us feel whole and lovable … if only we buy into it.

At the same time, we’re being told, “Whatever you do, do not give in to your sensuality and sexuality — it’s dangerous."

Image with Text: "5505 Don't Be Afraid," reads a postcard from 1910, featuring an embarrassed woman exiting a changing room as a man in the water encourages her to join him.

If you’re a woman, you might be preyed upon or called a woman of loose morals.
And if you’re a man, you could be seen as a dangerous predator.

The truth is, the primal life force of the body is powerful ... because it’s the creative force of life itself.

It feeds our joy and our reason for being.

Yet Body Myth 3 tries to convince us that our core sensuality and sexuality are evil, seductive forces.

The truth is, when we allow pleasurable sensation to flow through our entire system — with the wisdom of each part of us informing and integrating it — the powerful energy we feel is not a force for evil ...

It is simply the energy of life.

And when we allow our sensations to fill all of us, the direct experience of this connection has a deep and abiding integrity ... not a seductive one.

Locked Out of Her Own Sensuality

Karen is a client who came to me for numerous physical issues, from asthma to a tight solar plexus.

Not only could she barely breathe. She felt like her entire torso was “closed for business.”

I asked her how long she’d felt that way. And she began to cry.

She told me she was married to a wonderful man. And they had a daughter she adored.

Yet four years earlier she fell in love with someone who had awakened her sensual side.

The affair was short-lived. But when her husband found out, she “locked down her heart and pelvis and threw away the key.”

Then she went on to spend years struggling with her health — and trying to prove to her husband that she loved him.

In her misguided fear that her core sensuality caused the affair, she disconnected from the juiciest parts of herself.

And her health was suffering for it.

I shared with Karen about the wisdom she could experience when her sensuality was alive and connected to all the other parts of her body.

You see, when our Pelvis is connected to our Heart, our Gut and our Integrated Brain, we’re inspired to approach important decisions by pausing, taking a breath, and seeing the bigger picture.

Our decisions become grounded and based on whole-body informed thinking.

As Karen listened, her torso relaxed slowly and completely. She could sense I held no judgment of her, and no agenda for her.

Indeed, her sensual nature hadn’t seduced her at all. That was simply a mistaken belief.

When she left my treatment room, she was visibly more relaxed and present ...

And she was in awe of the depth of the work she had just done.

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Suzanne Scurlock, author of books Reclaiming Your Body and Full Body Presence and creator of the Healing From the Core® curriculum, specializes in conscious awareness and its relationship to the healing process. She’s written hundreds of articles, including numerous columns and features for Massage Magazine and Massage Today.

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