An Update From Esalen...

August 2022

Making Time for Connection and Time to Rest

I am here at the Esalen Institute for the month of August, looking at the Pacific Ocean as I write this. It has been three years since I last set foot on this sacred land.

... Foggy mornings turning into clear sunshine filled days.

... Chilly nights requiring sweaters and socks.

... Sunsets that call me to breathe into the cool ocean-filled air as each moment passes.

... Soaking in the hot mineral baths out under the new moon and star filled sky.

Last week I found myself welling up with tears of gratitude for the actual physical touch and deep support of the women on my staff in Healing the Pelvic Core™. Chery, Heather, Jeanne, Kate and Lori – you all rock!

And thank you to all the awesome women who attended my class; a lot of deep healing emerged from our time together.

This month I have even more students that allow my heart to open fully as I weave the energy basket for the group – allowing our learning and growth to happen optimally.

There is still COVID all around us (masking indoors and pocketing them when we are out in the clear cool air)…

Yet, we are choosing to move on in our lives, rediscovering and reconstructing what is most important.

Connection and Taking Time to Rest

Physically touching each other – laughing together – crying together – hearts connecting. You know when you have it because something inside softens and melts, allowing for deeper breaths and calmer thoughts.

Taking Time to Rest
Slowing down, setting aside time with lots of open space, taking a nap without guilt, cultivating the art of conversation around a delicious meal or a cup of tea or coffee, taking a gentle walk or floating in a pool.

Are you allowing yourself to move on in your life?

Are you choosing the things that feed your soul, that recharge your inner batteries and that can fuel the next chapter of your life?

About the Author

Suzanne Scurlock, author of books Reclaiming Your Body and Full Body Presence and creator of the Healing From the Core® curriculum, specializes in conscious awareness and its relationship to the healing process. She’s written hundreds of articles, including numerous columns and features for Massage Magazine and Massage Today.

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