Creating Life Anew in the Midst of Chaos

April 2022

In the northern hemisphere Spring is starting to emerge. Here in Virginia the bright yellow daffodils have arrived after pushing their way through the cold, dark earth. The mint in my outdoor box is showing off its vibrant green leaves, heralding the arrival of a new season. The air is slightly warmer, and the rain is arriving right on schedule.

We are emerging from a long hard winter. People everywhere have sustained deep losses and are still being challenged on many fronts — and yet…the light of day is longer now…and in many places the spring air is whispering gently, inviting us to emerge back out into life — to start new projects, new creative endeavors, new movement.

As you read this, the new moon will have just radiated her energy invitation to step into life anew. To plant the seeds that will become something entirely unique — new life.

It can be difficult in times of challenge and chaos, to quiet your soul enough to hear the call of this season.

And each of us will respond to this call in a different way.

Some of us can only imagine what is coming, perhaps still too cold to move.

Some of us are busy making plans and preparing for what is next.

Some of us are in motion already…

Writing down what is emerging from our deepest inspirations.

Perhaps painting or digging in the earth to start the manifestation process.

Walking out our new dreams into action.

Wherever you are right now in this process,

Take a moment and reflect,

Breathe deeply into your belly, heart, and bones ...

What is optimal for you to do as you hear the call of Spring?

I have a friend — an ER physician — who just shared with me yesterday that he is feeling a deep call to travel to Poland — and offer his gifts and talents to the refugees pouring across the border from the Ukraine. This is the energy of the Soul in action, with the energy of the season fueling it all!

What is your calling this Spring?

About the Author

Suzanne Scurlock, author of books Reclaiming Your Body and Full Body Presence and creator of the Healing From the Core® curriculum, specializes in conscious awareness and its relationship to the healing process. She’s written hundreds of articles, including numerous columns and features for Massage Magazine and Massage Today.

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