Zen Garden Sunrise Magic – Presence Growing

It is sunrise here in Guilin, China, at the Zen Garden Resort and what a magical time it is. This small resort is nestled amid the distinctive rock formations of this area, so I was greeted by the early morning fog encircling the mountains…my sense of awe is awakened. As I look out my window – and let my gaze travel in all directions – here is what I am drinking in visually. May your day be filled with powerful mystery that supports your growing presence and awe with life.


3 thoughts on “Zen Garden Sunrise Magic – Presence Growing

  1. Amazing! It is absolutely magical, even in pictures!
    What a place to start you tour.
    Drink it in!

  2. Deborah Schneider-Murphy

    I was in Guilin with Jim for a mere two days when I carrying my oldest son, Alex. The scenery was amazing, then as now. It’s something I will never forget. See if you can make it to a small town called Fuli. Thanks for the pictures and the memories.

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