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I am continually impressed by YES! Magazine and it’s breadth of issues on what it takes to thrive in today’s world. Some articles are about technology that is improving our lives. This month’s lead article is on how to educate children well using nature and the out of doors as the classroom.

It takes me back to when my son was younger and he and his best friend Sasha would head out to play for hours in the woods behind our house. They loved imaginary play and would dive into their own world within minutes of meeting up. The flip side is that they would become irritable and their normal sunny dispositions would get really cranky if they did not play enough in any given day.

Both of them are now top students academically at UVA (one in architecture and one in psychology)  and the message of this article in YES! hit home for me again about trusting our connection to the natural world around us, as well as the inner wisdom of our bodies. As children we know what we need – are you allowing enough time for your children to play? How about your inner child?

Here is the link – it is a great issue.


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