World Wide Presence Tour – Guilin, China

The World Wide Presence Tour (AKA – WWPT from now on) has continued out into the countryside of China, about two hours out of Guangzhou by high speed train. The beauty is exquisite as you can see – we are here for 2 days, drinking it all in, and having a much needed rest (for all three of us!)

This is a Guilin sunrise over the Li river. It makes me take a huge deep breathe – see if you can breathe it in!

This is the Li river and the city of Guilin looking over it from above – again, breathe it in if you can.

Sunset over the Li river – all of this beauty has me breathing more deeply in each moment, to drink it in fully.

This is a Guilin fisherman and he the bird is trained to spear the fish for him – nifty, eh?

The sights, the smells in the market of different vegetables and fruits, the warmth of the people, the new foods I am trying, and the tropical weather are all inviting me to be more present, to register all the richness and variety around me.

And, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “World Wide Presence Tour – Guilin, China

    • Hi Paul,

      Great question! Europe is not part of this summer’s tour, but she is coming to Copenhagen to teach Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence (Upledger Institute) in December. Here’s lots of info about that course.

      Christy in the HFC Office

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