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Self Healing From the Core®

Healing the Pelvic Core™

As Women, We Have a Unique Power of Creativity Fueled By Our Reproductive System — The Power to Create New Life and to Give Birth to Our Passion Projects.

The problem? That energy is often BLOCKED by physical, emotional or spiritual trauma to the pelvic floor and the female organs.

In this workshop designed just for you, you’ll be guided through specialized imagery, movement and exercises — all done with clothing on — to heal the pelvic floor … including the vagina and uterus. The places that tend to hold our deepest wounds …

Wounds like rape, abortion, sexual abuse, surgery, childbirth tearing and scars. Even self-esteem issues and negative images about our femininity.

Because self-knowledge is vital, you’ll learn simple scientific and anatomic information — and you’ll take away practices of profound self-care using pelvic floor yoga and abdominal massage.

Rarely does a workshop offer this depth of healing opportunity.

From the safety and comfort of your own home, you’ll experience exciting new possibilities for renewed feminine energy …

Better health …

And a deeper sense of pleasure in being the passionate, creative woman you are.

After a short guided meditation for women, Suzanne answers your most asked questions about this workshop in the video below.

Guided Meditation and Q&A with Suzanne

Note: This workshop’s name is being updated from Healing the Pelvic Floor to Healing the Pelvic Core. Both names refer to the same workshop.

In Your Words: Participant Testimonials

I know that my life has changed from a soul level...

August 3, 2015

A year ago I couldn’t articulate why I felt drawn to do a “Healing the Pelvic Floor” workshop with Suzanne.

Now after having just done it, I know my life has changed from a soul level to every cell in my being.

I was able to connect dots from pre-birth memories, family dynamics, and awkward sexual moments when I “froze.” 

My adult mind could rationalize it all in order to defend my old wounds from being re-triggered. Yet now I realized how much of my life energy was being wasted trying to hold myself together.

Today I feel safe and full in the ground of my feminine being. My inner voice is strengthening as my heart, body and mind unfold in a sensuous wave of exploration.

My experience with “Healing the Pelvic Floor” is beyond words. And my gratitude unmeasurable!

Thank you Suzanne for embodying clarity, honesty, and the trust that it takes to create space for deep transformation.”

Chris T. in Hawaii

I have been searching for this work...

I have been searching for this work in a women’s circle for over two decades. I feel like I have finally come home, begun to melt my terror and frozenness, and tapped into my own potential to heal others.

A participant from New York

In this workshop, I learned to...

In this workshop, I learned to live in my pelvis. Now that I am there I am exploring how to take pleasure in being a woman in my power.

Sharon S. in Florida

Exclusive Interview

As part of the Elevated Woman series (2018), Anya Grace interviewed Suzanne about healing the pelvic floor after sexual trauma. Enjoy their riveting discussion and learn how to receive two free gifts from Suzanne on topics of particular interest to women. 

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Healing the Pelvic Core™

An Exclusive Online Retreat for Women

Learn More June 1 – 6, 2021, Online (1:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern each day)

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