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7-module Recorded Video Trainings with Suzanne Scurlock

Reclaiming Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas:
Healing From Trauma, Releasing Blocks & Liberating Your Full-Spectrum Intuition

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A 7-module Recorded Video Training with Suzanne Scurlock

Discover how to activate your body’s capacity for dissolving blocks and traumas so you thrive on every level — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Establish a strong, intimate relationship with your unique physical self — and your innate guidance system — for a lifetime of greater intuition, vitality, pleasure and joy.

Rejuvenate Your Soul With the Wisdom of Your Body:
Access the Flow of Healing Energy From Your 6 Wisdom Areas to Cultivate Safety, Resilience & Joy


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A 7-module Recorded Video Training with Suzanne Scurlock

Live life authentically from the inside out by awakening your body’s inherent wisdom, gifts, and healing capacity with enriching somatic-awareness practices.

Join Suzanne to begin the journey back home to yourself — to the wholeness that comes with loving and accepting your humanness as a beautiful facet of your soul.

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Healing the Pelvic Core™

An Exclusive Online Retreat for Women

June 1 – 6, 2021, Online (1:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern each day)