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Tier Two is designed for those who are inspired to master holding a strong healing or leadership presence in their lives.

Healing From the CoreⓇ: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I, II and Presenter/Practitioner Certification will guide you into realms of expanded yet deeply grounded consciousness with power and clarity.

Prerequisite: These classes are taken sequentially. The prerequisites for Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I (HFAE1) include either Full Body Presence™: Grounding & Healthy Boundaries or Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence (DDCSP, via the Upledger Institute).


Suzanne Scurlock
Lori Chinitz

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Tier Two Advanced Courses Include:

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Healing From the Core®: Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications I

Move beyond technique to master the process of holding a strong therapeutic presence professionally and personally for the rest of the world. Whether you are a bodyworker, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, coach, or anyone wishing to hold a healing space for another, this course will teach you how to develop richer skills in grounding and widening your energy field. Once you embody these life-changing skills, they’ll be yours for life.

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Healing From the Core®: Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications II

How can you bring the depth of your full body presence to every treatment session, and to every moment of your life? In this course will explore this and more in a rich experiential atmosphere with lots of hands-on opportunities for you to master your energy presence.

In this workshop we break down the exact skills needed to bring your full body presence to each treatment session you give regardless of your therapeutic specialty or profession.

Tier Two Courses and Core-Pak

In addition to both Advanced Energy Dynamics I & II courses, the Tier Two Core-Pak, a money-saving payment plan, also includes the application fee for Healing From the Core® Presenters & Practitioners Certification. (Even if a student does not move on to certify, the Core-Pak pricing is still provides a discount on both courses.)

Learn more about Certification, as well as Advanced Energy Dynamics & Applications III, at For Our Current Advanced Students.

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