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General Information

WELCOME! We appreciate your interest in sponsoring a Full Body Presence workshop in your area!

These are exciting times! The past several years have been full of outreach and growth for Healing From the Core and Full Body Presence.

In regard to workshops, we expanded geographically and are offering workshops in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Spain. We are also offering a new conclusive workshop, Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications III. Additionally, we now offer a flexible and affordably priced Core-Pak program, which allows participants to make interest-free, monthly payments and register for a series of workshops.

newFBPBookCoverTRANSPARENTWe are actively promoting the Full Body Presence book and audio at several International book fairs. Additionally, we continue to receive wide acclaim from diverse professional audiences (coaches, clergy, healthcare professionals of all kinds, yoga instructors, as well as caregivers and parents). Print and radio interviews and strategic marketing efforts (particularly online!) have substantially raised awareness of our Full Body Presence message.

All of this has spurred further interest in our curriculum. Requests for new workshop sites abound! People are excited about taking our classes. They enjoy the previews and want more – more information, more practical tools and more skills. This is one of the reasons we are reaching out to you, inviting you to sponsor a Full Body Presence workshop in your community. We want to partner with someone who actively inspires others to live healthier, happier lives. Someone who has felt profound changes themselves and witnessed the same in others. Someone who has experienced the power of opening to new life-affirming possibilities. Someone who is continuing to grow and expand their potential.

Seven Ways Sponsorship Will Work For You

People who have sponsored Full Body Presence workshops tell us that sponsorship is a rewarding experience of giving and receiving. This is because by partnering with us, you have a chance to:

  1. Engage your clients in a whole new level of healing
  2. Increase your income. A sponsor of a workshop with 25 participants can earn over $3,500.00 (depending on expenses)
  3. Improve the skills of those in your working environment
  4. Foster growth in your community
  5. Increase public awareness about you and your work
  6. Enhance your professional credentials
  7. Surround yourself with more grounded, more fully present, non-judgmental people.

Are you ready to act on these possibilities? If so, contact us today either by email (office@healingfromthecore.com) or phone 703-620-4509.

There has never been a better time to join our team!

Sponsorship Is Easier Than You Might Think

Maybe you’ve thought about sponsorship before but haven’t felt ready. It’s never been easier. Why act now?

  • The world needs the Full Body Presence message more than ever before
  • Our streamlined system for setting up a workshop means what used to take weeks can now be done in 48 hours or less
  • Sponsors have access to a new resource packet – a digital treasure chest of proven promotional materials that really work (email announcements, printable flyers, and online promotion opportunities)
  • Organizational tools are included such as sample budgets, timelines and workshop checklists
  • Scheduling options are flexible so that participants miss less work while receiving the full benefits of this workshop
  • Sponsors can participate in new information-sharing teleconferences, held quarterly with partners from around the globe
  • Our inspiring Instructors are excited about making your workshop an event long remembered in your community.

If you are ready to take steps to sponsor a workshop in your local area, contact us as soon as possible.

To Your Best Self!


~ Suzanne, Lynn & Christy ~
Your Healing From the Core Workshop Administration Team