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Full Body Presence: Skills to Energize Your Life (HFSEL)

This weekend workshop is packed with useful skills for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul without taking a lot of time away from your busy life.

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  • Energize your daily life.

  • Gain practical tools and skills for meeting life’s challenges with new resources that don’t fade – ones that grow stronger with practice.

  • Discover how to tune into your body’s wisdom  to stay energized in the face of life stressors and draining situations.

  • Learn the exact steps for re-charging your system, to calm physical tension and quiet your mind.

A Brief Synopsis of Your Two Days with Skills to Energize Your Life

This course teaches practical, immediately usable skills, based on material from the 4-day Grounding & Healthy Boundaries training.

  1. Learn how holding a strong, grounded presence can positively influence your life, prevent burnout and help you enjoy your personal and work life more.
  2. Discover how to assess your energy reservoir throughout the day to combat exhaustion.
  3. Explore the Five Principles, and why they’re vital for creating the life you want.
  4. Reconnect to natural energy habits to rejuvenate yourself and stay energetically full.
  5. Find out how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries at work and at home.
  6. Improve concentration levels and replenish yourself by practicing simple movements to rejuvenate your nervous system.
  7. Practice a simple breathing technique that can reduce anxiety and tension.

In Your Words: Participant Testimonials

I am still bathing in the loving energy...

The workshop itself was wonderful! I had not fully understood what it means to be grounded, nor to really have that full sense of being in my body.  I definitely have a deeper understanding of it now. Still have a lot to learn. Looking back, I would say I had felt like an infant with arms and legs flailing, with moments of calm, not understanding or realizing that there was a way I could maintain that calm centered grounded feeling. Throughout the day, I am now practicing grounding and doing the 5 Breath Fill Up. Thank you for these tools Suzanne!

And I am sure you know, but I will say it anyway: Suzanne is a gifted teacher and leader. 🙂 It was a pleasure to be with her and learn from her. It has been a week and I am still bathing in the loving energy. Going deeper.

Thank you.
Lilli V.
Los Gatos, California

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