Healing From the Core®

Certified Master Practitioners

Distance HFC Master Certified Seal (Emblem in shades of teal)

Certified Master Practitioners of Distance Healing From the Core® are Certified Practitioners who have completed additional advanced training in Healing From the Core®, including coursework on present moment consciousness and healing trauma.

About Certified Practitioners and Distance Healing Sessions

Certified Practitioners of Distance Healing From the Core® have successfully completed a 2+ year certification program to offer private sessions from a distance.

Distance Healing sessions allow you to work one-on-one with a Certified Practitioner of Distance Healing From the Core® to explore how deep, guided connection can facilitate your healing, particularly when travel (or pandemic) prohibits an in-person session.*

The purpose of a distance session may be to more easily and accurately figure out the puzzle of an illness you may be challenged by, and/or help clarify what feels foggy, unmanageable, or unhealable within your own internal system or in your life. Your Certified Practitioner will then work with you to change and optimize your internal environment to create a more healing, integrated flow. This, in turn, enables you to shift, change and heal at a pace that works for you.

In addition to helping you increase your capacity for healing, your sessions with your Certified Practitioner are designed to help you reclaim your personal power and accountability. These sessions will enable you to take your personal healing work and development much deeper than most people are able to manage on their own.

All from the comfort of your home or office, at a time that works for you.

Contact any of our Certified Practitioners to discuss how distance healing facilitation can work for you.

And, please remember that this work is not intended to replace physical or mental healthcare or professional medical treatment. These sessions are not intended to be used to replace your relationship with your licensed healthcare providers, however, they may augment the benefits of the licensed healthcare that you receive.

*This means that you can schedule a distance session for any reason, from inclement weather, to feeling under the weather, to not having a Certified Practitioner close to your location, or the distance being too far to travel consistently.