Healing From the Core®

Entry Level Workshops

Discover the Five Principles with an entry level course
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There are multiple ways to dive in and explore the fundamentals of Healing From the Core®:

1. Experience an entry-level HFC course. We have 4 to chose from!
Note: For non-CranioSacral Therapists, only Grounding & Healthy Boundaries meets the prerequisite to move into Advanced HFC curricula.

2. Are you a CranioSacral Therapist? Try Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence (DDCSP)!

3. Take one of Suzanne’s other courses offered around the world or online.
From powerful experiential workshops at renowned venues like Esalen and Kripalu, to unique International classes, to online courses, summits and interviews, Suzanne brings the powerful work of Healing From the Core® into everything she presents, teaches and develops.

Massage Therapists: All HFC workshops and DDCSP are approved for CEUs by the NCBTMB. Other courses may be eligible for CEUs as well. Check each course’s listing for details.

Learn more about all of our entry level offerings below.

Full Body Presence™ Overviews
Full Body Presence™ Skills to Energize Your Life
Full Body Presence™ Grounding and Healthy Boundaries
DDCSP for CranioSacral Therapists
Other Courses and Opportunities

See our individual Entry Level course listings below.
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