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Tier One Advanced Workshops

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Tier One courses dive more deeply into expanded human consciousness, healing trauma of all kinds, and pro-actively creating from your core inspiration for more aliveness and joy in your life.

Prerequisite: Either Full Body Presence®: Grounding & Healthy Boundaries or Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence (DDCSP, via the Upledger Institute).

Once the prerequisite has been met, these classes may be taken in any order. If Release & Renewal is taken first as an entry-level course, Grounding & Healthy Boundaries must be completed before moving into the remaining Tier One workshops.


Suzanne Scurlock

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Tier One Advanced Courses Include:

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Healing From the Core®: Expanding Present Moment Consciousness

Call yourself back from the traumas of the past – or the anxieties of the future – into the power and ease of the present moment. In this residential workshop you’ll learn how to maximize your strengths. Discover ways to transform limiting energy habits that keep you from living full out, with all the joy you desire!

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Healing From the Core®: Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy:
Healing the Nervous System

The body’s nervous system is a magnificent portal for healing that goes beyond trauma recovery into expanded states of consciousness and ecstatic experiences. Join us as we explore different aspects of the nervous system to heal trauma, drawn from ancient indigenous cultures to modern cutting-edge research. You’ll learn how to stimulate nervous-system remodeling to create a deeper level of healing. And then you’ll anchor the deep changes that take place in this enlightening workshop.

About Tier One Entry-Level Courses (and Core-Pak)

Prior to 2019, Release & Renewal was an advanced course. It is now open to everyone.

Grounding & Healthy Boundaries remains a required prerequisite entry-level course for Expanding Present Moment Consciousness and From Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy, as well as all Tier Two courses and higher.

Release & Renewal remains a requirement for everyone seeking certification as teaching assistant. (See For Our Current Advanced Students for further info.)

Native American Medicine Wheel

Healing From the Core®: Release & Renewal:

New Year Retreat

Release & Renewal blends the art of Full Body Presence™ with the ancient wisdom of the Native American Medicine Wheel to reveal your soul’s path.

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