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Ethics in Action

Healthy boundaries are critical for any bodywork practice.

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They allow us to identify the line between ethical and non-ethical feelings, tendencies and behaviors in the treatment room and help us to create an environment where we can establish and maintain ethical professional relationships. In this workshop, we’ll look at the skill of “full body presence” as a way to develop and enhance boundary awareness and as a way to help you feel more grounded and energetically full. We’ll explore the full theoretical spectrum from permeable to semi-permeable to rigid boundaries and what is necessary for dealing ethically with the intimacy of the therapeutic connection that’s intrinsic to bodywork.

Top Five Takeaways for Ethics In Action:

1. Each of us deserves to have healthy boundaries
2. Healthy boundaries allow nurturing resources in and filter out what is life-taking or draining. There are teachable skills for how to acquire those boundaries even if we were not taught them as children.
3. Self-care is essential

4. Maintaining a daily habit of self-care that fills you up and nourishes you is at the foundation of having healthy boundaries.
5. Clients benefit from healthy boundaries

Most clients appreciate us more and feel safer when we maintain healthy boundaries in our professional relationships. This means keeping agreements around time, treatment protocols, and scope of practice as well as clear financial boundaries.

  • A full container supports healthy boundaries
  • A healthy boundary is held in the firmest and easiest way possible when we know how to maintain a full container, remaining energetically present at our boundaries in order to give permission or hold the line with someone trying to cross into our personal space.
  • Full body presence promotes ethical behavior
  • When the container of our being is full of nourishing sensation, there is an innate integrity that is engaged which can be a guiding force for determining ethical behavior in any situation.

PLUS, You’ll take home a comprehensive study guide for future reference.

To schedule this valuable, engaging ethics class, contact the Healing From the Core office.


Recent reviews of the workshop:

I loved this class. These are such important skills…This is the best ethics class I’ve ever had.

This course was so very comfortable – exactly what I needed.

l loved the content and format which encouraged class participation. The content was very relevant and helpful.

Very good for its many perspectives on correct ethical action and why.

This workshop is not currently on our schedule as a live course. Check back soon for an updated list of course offerings.
Please visit Web Courses for information about Ethics in Therapeutic Presence, an online course with CEU approval for massage therapists.

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