HFC Workshops

Advanced HFC Workshops

Deepen your ability to hear your body’s innate wisdom and live from it more fully with these advanced workshops:

Tier One:

• Expanding Present Moment Consciousness (HFEP)
• From Trauma Recovery to Ecstacy (HFTR)
• Release & Renewal (HFRR) Staring with the January 2019 workshop, this course is now open to everyone! It remains a part of the money-saving Tier One Core-Pak.

Tier Two:

• Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I (HFAE1)
• Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications II (HFAE2)

Annual Retreat for our most advanced participants:

• Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications III (HFAE3) – not included in either Core-Pak

Once you have successfully completed Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries (FBP) you may attend advanced level courses. They are grouped into two Tiers:

Tier One courses dive more deeply into expanded human consciousness (HFEP), healing trauma of all kinds (HFTR), and pro-actively creating from your core inspiration for more aliveness and joy in your life (HFRR). These classes may be taken in any order. You do not have to take Grounding and Healthy Boundaries to move into Tier One if you have completed Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence (DDCSP), through the Upledger Institute.

Tier Two is designed for those who are inspired to master holding a strong healing or leadership presence in their lives. HFC Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I, II and Presenter/Practitioner Certification will guide you into realms of expanded yet deeply grounded consciousness with power and clarity. These classes are taken sequentially. The prerequisites for Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I (HFAE1) include successful completion of either FBP or DDCSP and pre-approval from the Instructor. You do need pre-approval if you have completed SER1 through The Upledger Institute.

Save on Advanced Healing From the Core workshops with our Core-Pak programs. (HFAE3 is not part of the Core-Pak program.)

See our individual course listings below for more information.

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