HFC Workshops

Courses developed and/or instructed by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

“Suzanne’s gift is in translating the unspoken, energetic principles that are the foundation for being an excellent therapist, into practical, learnable steps – critical for all of us in today’s world.”

John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.

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It is our mission to teach people from all walks of life the “how-to” skills for listening to their body’s innate wisdom. This enables each of us to move beyond survival and thrive in today’s fast-paced, complex world.

Do you want to know how to:

  • Be more grounded, present in each moment, with healthy boundaries, more resilience, and more access to your creativity and joy?
  • Have better outcomes with those in need around you, so you are not drained by stressful situations?
  • Rejuvenate in healthy, life-giving ways?

For over 25 years, developer Suzanne Scurlock has masterfully taught her step-by-step practice of present moment awareness to people from all walks of life, including healthcare professionals, parents, caregivers, leadership and life coaches, teachers, ministers, managers and counselors. Through experiential workshops, books and products, and articles and interviews she has taught thousands the “how to” skills of presence, grounding, and healthy boundaries.
Today, the Healing From the Core curriculum is taught Internationally. Whether in the boardroom, therapy room, classroom or living room – the skills of full body presence will provide you with a new way of creating within and responding to your world.

Come participate and gain valuable skills to tap the energy and alchemy of deep transformation.

Mar 18 @ 12:00 pm – Mar 24 @ 3:30 pm Claymont Court Mansion, Charles Town, West Virginia
Mar 26 @ 10:00 am – Mar 29 @ 6:00 pm To Be Determined, in or near Reston, VA
May 20 @ 12:00 pm – May 24 @ 3:30 pm Claymont Court Mansion, Charles Town, West Virginia
Nov 11 @ 12:00 pm – Nov 15 @ 1:30 pm Claymont Court Mansion, Charles Town, West Virginia