Wonderful Gathering of CranioSacral Therapists

Last Saturday was a fabulous gathering of therapists with a rich sharing of ideas and experience as well a heart-warming demonstration. We shared a meal together and everyone got treated in the afternoon. As I looked around in the closing circle I could sense a fullness,indicative of a well-fed group of people – fed emotionally, intellectually,spiritually and physically. Here are the highlights of our discussions in this wonderful day.

We discussed the elements of a successful surgery and recovery (one of our participants had cervical spine surgery in December)and osteoarthritis.

Then we moved on to gastroparesis and other factors that can contribute to an eventual prolapse of organs. This led to a discussion on Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDSwhich shows up as hyper-mobility throughout differing parts of the body because of a collagen/connective tissue defect. Bobbi Wade, Speech Pathologist Extraordinaire (who was staffing this gathering with me) then gave us some fabulous tips on methods to build core strength (to counteract low tone/pelvic prolapse, etc.), using simple physioball activities. I was so inspired that I dug out my physioball and began using it as she had suggested the very next day!

Then we had a continuation of our ongoing discussion about how to best treat and therapeutically support someone with chronic Lyme disease.  CST techniques, supplements and other alternative methods were thoroughly discussed.

Then we moved onto the benefits of neurofeedback therapy in conjunction with CST for closed head injuries and recovery.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was then discussed with how to treat it and how much success we can possibly have assisting someone with this compromise to their system.

Kleefstra syndrome was our next rare disease discussion and one therapist shared with us how she had treated a young woman with it successfully until a bad virus had laid her low and really set her back in terms of hr symptoms and cognitive functioning.

This led us to the huge discussion about how CST treatments, good diet and the right supplements can help the total environment that the body exist within, and thus gives our immune systems more resilience. This in turn gives our bodies own self-healing capacities a boost to kick into action and make corrections and heal things that are often not thought possible.

Our demo was a group member who was experiencing a relapse of a decades old mononucleosis. It was a fabulous learning tool for all of us about how the differing parts of  the immune system can get overwhelmed with certain pathogens, and how effectively we could turn it around in less than an hour with six skilled therapists. When she left at the end of the day she was a different woman.

As you can see, the day was fabulous. Everyone learned a lot and left rested and ready to dive into their practices with additional skills and enthusiasm.

Thank you Cynthia Schell for pulling this day together for all of us, and thank you Bobbi Wade for staffing it with me. If any of you out there are graduates of SER 1 and want to attend one or more of these groups, HERE IS THE LINK. Get registered today, or call Cynthia Schell for details at 703-560-4120.



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