Why is Your Presence SO Important?

As the first day of Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I came to a close yesterday, I realized how vital it is to understand the underlying dynamics of a strong, loving presence. Most of the people in the class are very talented, hard working care-givers of some kind – professionally and personally. And, the defining feature they all have in common is their huge capacity for compassion and empathy.

The problem is that for most of us, being empathetic – being able to sense and feel what is happening in a room at any given time – can become a drain rather than the incredible asset it can be. When we are not taught the tools for effectively utilizing and protecting our hearts and our empathy, we run the risk of burning out or having to wall ourselves off in ways that are debilitating rather than having healthy boundaries.

I love sharing what I know in this arena – because it means those of us who have these empathy / “sensitivity genes” can actually start to use them effectively in the world again. It is possible!


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