Who Thought DST Was a Good Idea? Vote For Life Without Day Light Savings Time

Today starts Daylight Savings and the time loss that comes with it. Many people report feeling sleep deprived, rushed, and overall more stressed at the entry door to their days. In my opinion this is not a kind way to treat ourselves. I vote for life without Day Light Saving Time, where spring arrives with earlier and earlier morning light and the increase in energy that it naturally brings. I want to feel my cells quickening as the season arrives rather than getting thrown off my body’s inner rhythms due to this outside influence.

The wisdom of the body has it’s own inner sense of time that is not related to what our watches and phones tell us. And, when we live in a society that puts outside stressors on our bodily systems and then requires that we live by them, it is not surprising to see negative things start to happen. This article from the LA Times on the effects of Day Light Saving Time (which went into effect last night in most parts of the USA) chronicles the good, the bad and the ugly of DST.

One of the ugliest parts is the spike in heart attacks in the days that follow this annual event. The New England Journal of Medicine chronicles how traffic accidents increase significantly as well. The list goes on.

One of the least talked about negative effects is the sharp decline in our quality of life in the morning. This is no small thing. It is slightly different for everyone so I will write from my own experience and that of those around me who have shared theirs.

The transition from sleeping to waking has a natural rhythm that, if honored, can be one of the most creative and sweet times of day. Remembering and savoring your dreams. Snuggling with loved ones, your people and animals, as the cobwebs of sleep clear. Journaling at this time of day can be rich with vital information from parts of ourselves not normally heard. Watching the sunrise with a warm drink is fabulous. Having time to move and exercise out in the early morning light is shown to help metabolism throughout the rest of the day as well as helping clear and focus the mind.

Anyone else up for starting a movement to drop DST? I would gladly sign your petition to Congress if you did so!


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