When the Chips are Down

Last night I got quite an unpleasant surprise and the following is an email that I had to send out today in order to keep my commitments in the coming months, schedule-wise. Read it all the way through to hear how it is turning out!
Dear friends, clients and colleagues,
This is an email I had always hoped I would never be writing. Due to a computer syncing glitch last night, EVERYTHING in my 2012 – 2013 calendar disappeared. Every lunch or dinner date, every professional appointment or trade session, every speaking engagement and every course I am teaching or attending, every birthday. Everything. As in, my whole life. One minute it was there, and the next it was gone.
I have gone through every one of Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief, and I continue to cycle through them. For those of you who have forgotten them, they are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and, acceptance. I had a nightmare last night about it, and have been desperately looking into how to contact the Technology gods and goddesses to give me back my 2013 schedule (not to mention my entire 2012 schedule which I may need for tax purposes…)


Anyway, back to why I am emailing you today…

I need you to look in your schedule and call me 703-620-4509, or email me (just hit reply) what date(s) and time(s) we are scheduled to see each other in the upcoming days, weeks, and months ahead. Even if I just made the appointment with you yesterday, I know I did it, but I have no clue WHEN the appointment is for…so please help me out here, stop what you are doing and look me up in your schedule, and leave me a phone message or an email with all the information, PLEASE do it as soon as possible.


I know that I was fully booked for the next month and then some, so I cannot make any new appointments with clients until I have everyone in the schedule again. This is truly frustrating, not to mention disorienting!


This is particularly important if you are scheduled with me next week – please call me or email me the time (and phone number I am calling if it is a phone session.)
Thank you for your kind and immediate attention to this issue and may you never have the same experience.

In fact, I am pretty sure that if you get back to me immediately, then the technology god will look especially well on you and not let this happen to you ever. :)



 Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

Lynn Foley – virtual office administrator

Christy Allison – onsite office administrator

Healing From The Core

PO Box 2534 Reston VA  20195-2534

phone: 703-620-4509

fax: 703-620-4504

email: office@HealingFromTheCore.com

Within 2 minutes of sending this email at 5pm tonight, I had three calls from clients giving me their appointment times next week and offering condolences. Within the last three hours I have received over 35 emails with almost my entire schedule filled in for next week and well into February, March, April and May dates.  The emails are continuing to pour in like rain. I feel so blessed to have such responsive, caring clients, colleagues and friends. Thank you all! I have gone from feeling of complete frustration and a sense of helplessness to feeling calm clarity that it is all going to work out just fine. Thank you all again for taking the time and caring!

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