What We Say vs. What We Do

The importance of declaring what we want in our lives is huge in the process of creating or manifesting things that matter to us. Less talked about is what follows…and the process of watching what actually takes place vs. what we originally said we wanted.

Carolyn Hax, one of my all-time favorite columnists in the Washington Post spoke about it today and really nailed it in my opinion. To quote her directly,

“In my experience, people generally are sincere in expressing desires, but their actions tend to betray when there’s something else they want more. I’ll use me as an example: I genuinely want to be more fit. But when it comes down to it, I want my comfort and down time more. I guess you could say our words reflect our wishes but our actions reflect our priorities.”

Her words got me thinking about having clarity around desires or wishes vs. priorities as I plan my life. How well I know myself, how honest I am with myself can help me keep denial at bay. This may then help me have less self-judgment when priorities are different than my named desires, and my goals are not being met as I originally saw them being met.

The other issue that comes up for me is to recognize what I am manifesting in my life, because it can give me clarity about hidden priorities that are important. These priorities may reflect what I am wanting to heal (such as having unwelcome events come up to show me a hidden part of me that needs healing.)

A couple of other cogent opinions are brought out in the column as well – here is the LINK to the whole column.

I welcome your thoughts on these ideas. And, enjoy!


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