Whale Watching at Esalen

Magic is happening for me here at Esalen this summer. Hummingbird medicine, condor medicine and most of all, whale and dolphin medicine.

In years past if we saw a whale spout way out on the Pacific horizon we would jump up and down and shout for everyone to come. We would then stand squinting at the ocean for what seemed like hours awaiting the next distant spout.

Fast forward to summer 2015 – as in now. There are so many whales (and dolphins too, but especially whales), that we can gaze at the ocean for five minutes and see dozens of spouts close in, followed by flukes, fins and perhaps a breach or two.

This morning I sat up in bed, looked out the window at the ocean and was greeted with huge splashes as a whale breached four times in less than a minute. Then Carlos and I proceeded to witness a young whale smacking its fluke on the ocean over 30 times! It got so repetitious that I started counting and we were laughing with the fun outrageousness of its behavior.

I want to share the beauty of all of this with you all, but my iPhone just doesn’t quite do it, so here is a link to the website of a local photographer, Daniel Bianchetta who spends several days a week out on Monterey Bay with the whales. His latest, a mother and baby whale breaching together, is my current favorite. It is not on his website yet, but he tells me it is coming soon. And, enjoy!

Here is the link: http://www.bigsurphoto.com


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