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Welcome to our new home here on the Healing From the Core website. Please click the subscription button by my photo to have my posts delivered directly into your Inbox. Even if you were previously a subscriber at Massage Magazine, you will need to take a moment now to get signed up at this new location. As a thank you for taking this time to subscribe (it takes less than two minutes) we will send you a FREE Basic Relaxation and Energizing -10 minute meditation download.

During our website renovation this month, I will be blogging here at our new location, so please enjoy this no-cost way to stay in touch and feel my support. I generally post several times per week. I include links to really great quotes, photos, fabulous material by other people, news articles of interest to us as healthy, conscious human beings, as well as writing about challenging issues and how we can utilize them to grow and uplift us all.

For those of you who may be wanting to re-read some previous post that was valuable for you, have no fear – All of my blog posts from the last 7 years will be up on this site within the next month when our new website is completed, so stay tuned. And, enjoy!


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