Weekend Workshop Comes to Reston in Ten Days!

A few years ago, people kept asking me about tools they could take home and use today, for increased presence and grounding in their everyday lives.  Some of you wanted practical, immediate applications for more grounding and energy, right now.

Out of your requests, the two-day Full Body Presence: Skills to Energize Your Life workshop was born.  This workshop is chock full of practical exercises and tools that you can apply in your life right away for increased energy, grounding, boundaries and connection.

I’m sponsoring the latest Skills workshop, to be held at the Sheraton here in Reston, Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C.  One of my dearest friends and long-time colleagues, Angela Stevens, is teaching this rejuvenating weekend workshop, October 26-27.  There are a couple seats left on the circle if you’d like to join!


Another Skills workshop is happening November 16-17 in Ottawa, Ontario, taught by my good friend and fellow Healing From the Core Instructor Lori Chinitz. Click here for more information on that training.





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