Valuable Documentary Available for Free This Weekend Only

This weekend has been so full that I forgot to post this blog until just now, 3pm on Sunday. I have been watching a documentary on auto-immune issues and health put together by Dr. Izabella Wentz. The primary focus is on the auto-immune issue called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (which I have had for many years, thus my rapt attention to this documentary.)

Here is the ALL 9 episodes of The Thyroid Secret – to all nine segments of the documentary. It is free to watch until midnight tonight ET. I have watched most of it and I am thoroughly impressed. Is it perfect? Nothing ever is – however, I have learned more since watching this documentary than I have in all my years of searching for healing paths with my Hashimoto’s. And it is beautifully done.

I am also feeling very affirmed in the hard won steps I have taken across the years and it explains why my energy has returned and is increasing as I continue to heal. In any case – take a look. It is an amazing set of interviews that will interest all of us with auto-immune issues and all who are feeling like the regular old processed food we eat is not doing us any favors!

And, enjoy!


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