Unexpected Gifts

Just when I thought my weekend could not get any better….

Fritz Smith showed up to do his last open forum weekend conference at Esalen (he will be back to teach other courses). Fritz is a living legend among all of us in the bodywork world. He is almost 90 years old and is still teaching what he loves most, still being the incredible humble soul that he has always been, and still gives the best hugs in the world. 

Here we are in the lodge yesterday after breakfast. What at gift for me on top of all the gifts I have received this weekend. Here they are, not in order of importance:

I got to spend two relaxed, fun days with my son Aren. Hours of sharing and talking – connecting deeply about what his life is like as he explores all aspects of living and working in a community like Esalen. This is a place that has felt like home for us his whole life. (He was first there when I was five months pregnant with him.) So many sweet hugs, and shared food and company. I love you Aren! 

I got to play with my two “sisters”, Rachel Abrams and Lisa Carleton in Rachel’s new ground breaking workshop, BodyWise (named after her book that launched in January 2017.) Look for it at Esalen in the future, as well as anything that Rachel and Lisa teach together – they are a magical team and I love them deeply. Their sisterhood is a gift for all of us – when they teach together they complement each others gifts as instructors as well as showing us how true, loving sisterhood can work. I feel honored that I became a third “sister” with them a number of years ago. Thanks Lisa and Rachel.

I got to breathe the clean ocean air and soak in the mineral baths at Esalen once again. As many of you know, my workshops there were cancelled this past summer (due to the road closure on Route 1), leaving me deeply missing the land, the energy, and the people who have shepherded it all through this recent crisis brought on by closure.

Now I am visiting with my friends Ed Savay and Sherri Lassila for two days here in Santa Cruz.

Next I head up to San Francisco to teach an immune system class for The Upledger Institute.

Life is SO full right now and I am deeply grateful for it all. Years ago, having this much packed into 10 days would have felt overwhelming, but not I am greeting it with open arms.

What is going on in your life that you are grateful for right now? Are you letting it in with open arms?


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