Trusting That Spirit Supports Our Best Efforts

I am always riding the continuum between working hard to put forth my best effort in any given endeavor (knowing that it is not perfect, but it is perfectly good enough) and letting go and trusting that Spirit will support me and bring me what I need.  I know both of these ends of the continuum hold true  for things large and small. When I do my best it puts a message out to the Universe that I am engaged and ready, and when I let go and relax it allows me to receive the joy that is here for me moment to moment.

Slowly, I have learned to trust the ebbs and flows of my energy to help me fulfill my responsibilities and create what I came here to do. It can be a little nerve wracking at times to the part of me that wants to have everything done early and neatly packaged. Yet, it all works somehow.

I have had to make friends with my inner driver that says,”Work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone and it will all work out – but above all else, work hard!” I love what I do, so this is not hard, but it can be intense at times. Thank you to Lynn and Christy who keep picking up the pieces and completing what I start!

And yet, I am continually shown how Spirit brings me what I need no matter what my work efforts are in any given moment or day! I have been walking and praying and asking Spirit for guidance a lot these days. Lots of decisions large and small are on my plate. I was knee deep in lists and projects today, computer open, on the phone with my virtual staff when I glanced out the sunroom window. There, in a tree less than 50 feet away, was a magnificent bald eagle, sitting calmly and surveying the lake – from my backyard. I almost dropped the phone. It was awe inspiring. Everything stopped for me. All the projects were forgotten for the moment in the presence of this huge, beautiful, winged one. The eagles always show up when I need some inspiration to move beyond where I currently am.

Thank you Spirit, for the message from the eagle which is to relax and look at the bigger picture of my life. Do not be afraid to step into my bigness and above all else, do not drown in the details. Trust that there is a larger plan and that if I let go of the death grip of control that my inner driver seems to require, it always works out. Not always in the way I imagined, but it always works for my highest good.


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