Trauma Recovery – Healing the Nervous System

I am very excited about this year’s Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy workshop on November 11-15th (yes, soon!) in West Va.  This past year has been full of new discoveries for me, bringing deeper understanding as I have caught up on the latest information about recovery from trauma. I will be sharing much of it in the new changes added to the class structure.

Sadness after traumaThere has been a general understanding for years that unresolved trauma causes negative effects in the body and mind. In CranioSacral therapy, we have long looked at how the emotional matrix of unresolved trauma issues impede the body’s natural healing process. Unprocessed trauma can hold the body and mind hostage for months and years in locked down, frozen restrictions and pain.

Many discoveries are being researched now with the help of brain imaging. We are learning more about what causes trauma, who is more likely to hold onto it, and who can let it go given the right skills, touch and therapy. In the early attachment research that is now emerging, the power of nurturing touch is being affirmed and understood with greater insight.

For those of us who work in a healing capacity, the ability to cultivate a strong therapeutic presence is coming to the forefront as one of the pivotal skill sets needed to create a safe environment for trauma resolution. This sense of safety, when felt by the client, is a key to unlocking those frozen places inside and starting them back on the road to recovery.

You can see why I am excited about the upcoming workshop. I will be talking more about different aspects of it in the coming days here in my blog. Hope you can tune in for it!


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