Touching the Heart of the Matter

An early morning departure gave me a surprise tour of the city of Budapest as the taxi driver avoided traffic. During this, (my second) trip, I did not get a chance to see any of the wonderful sights of this jewel of a city such as this view of the Danube river, flowing under a major bridge that connects Buda with Pest.

Yet in this dawn ride through the heart of the city it suddenly hit home to me that the reason I love to teach here in Hungary is the beauty in the hearts of the people in my classes. The students I have met on both trips have opened their minds and stepped into the unknown with me – allowing their hearts to open and blossom.

When this occurs I know that I am being deeply received and my own “magic” expands even further than normal and life is good.

When we open fully to life, many more possibilities are available to us. Each of us has our own special gifts to give to the world – I call these gifts our “magic” – and letting it shine through us is what it is all about.

This week, I got to shine and they were shining as well by the end of the class. May our lives be touched in ways that bring us all more love and peace.


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