TODAY is my presentation at The Eat Real Food Summit!

The Eat Real Food Health Summit is now in full swing! I hope you’re enjoying watching the interviews and learning about the latest in functional medicine, nutrition, healthy cooking, the mindbody connection and more.

My presentation, “Learn how to listen to the needs of your body”, is available all day TODAY! If you’re not already registered, there’s still time to sign up and watch for free while my interview is available today. Learn more about the Summit and get access to it here:

We realize time is precious and you might not have time to tune into every talk this week, or perhaps you missed some of the excellent topics covered on Days One and Two that greatly interest you. That’s why they’ve bundled up the entire Summit ‒ videos, audio, cooking demos and added bonuses ‒ into one convenient package you can purchase and access any time you want.

Here are 4 great reasons to buy now:

  1. You don’t want to miss a single talk!
  2. You’ll have life-time access to your favorite video.
  3. You can share the Summit with a friend, colleague or family member.
  4. Special pricing! The price of the Summit package increases when the live event ends on March 23.

Learn more at

See you at the Summit!


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