Timing and Acceptance

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…kitchenchaos

…something resembling a kitchen… as the holidays are rapidly approaching…

I should be thankful for what is coming. I know this in my cognitive brain.
My heart should be feeling all the warmth of the upcoming kitchen that Carlos has so masterfully planned.
I am repeating to everyone I know, “My kitchen is going to be beautiful. I will have it back at some point in the future. My kitchen is going to be beautiful. I will have it back at some point in the future. My kitchen is going to be beautiful. I will have it back at some point in the future.”

Truthfully, the timing on this is terrible. Decorate for the holidays? I cannot even find the scissors. Send out presents to those I hold dear? Where are the envelopes? Return calls and stay in touch with those I love the most? My answering machine is buried in the family room somewhere, probably right behind the stove and the microwave, which are planted right in front of the piano – and all of it is covered in drywall dust.

I am receiving a life lesson in the energy it takes to operate when someone has shoved me off my “home center”, which is physically in my kitchen. For those of you who have been here, you know what I mean. My kitchen truly is the physical and emotional center of my home. I live, work and play in my kitchen. Normally it is warm and inviting and holds friends and family easily.

And, acceptance of what is here is tough. I will start by naming what I can actually be truly thankful for…

Thank goodness the men doing the work are dear and kind and competent people. Thank goodness my son came home anyway! Thank goodness I have the other two floors of my home. Thank goodness for my friends and family who keep reminding me that it will all be over, and hopefully soon…

Happy holidays everyone!


3 thoughts on “Timing and Acceptance

  1. This made me belly laugh! You gave so much Joy to so many not in your kitchen (me). Thank you. 2015 A New Kitchen !!! No Worries.
    Hugs Carol

  2. I too am in the middle of a remodel. Not kitchen, but much of the house and you stated it so eloquently. Last week was tough as I sit in the middle of drywall and plastic and mourn the loss of the joy of some decoration and tree in our home. I’ m over it now. Enjoy! The process and we will reap the rewards!

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