There Cannot Be Too Many Glorious Women

The power and joy of connecting at a heart and soul level in a group of women really came home to me today as we enter our final day of this magnificent week with this circle of powerful women. Over and over again I hear the words of Marianne Williamson from “A Woman’s Worth”.

“We must not fail to learn from the lessons of the women who share their bounty of opportunity and influence and power and goodwill. There is a mountaintop with enough room for all of us. None of us will get there and stay there unless all of us get there and stay there. If women succeed only in isolated cases, the professional world will continue to be unsure of ground for women in general. We must take the communion of women very seriously at this time and do all we can do to support the other women in reaching for the stars. There cannot be too many glorious women. There cannot be too many queens. There cannot be too much success.”

It has been a week of rich sharing and healing together, and the generosity of spirit and the inclusivity of everyone into this group, has been touching. Enjoy!


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