The Winter Solstice is Upon Us

December 21st marks the Winter solstice – a sacred time in many ancient traditions of honoring the darkness, the Yin energy of the womb. It is a time of resting deep inside ourselves so that we can emerge ready to manifest our dreams in the coming year. Rest is a key ingredient in deep creativity. Without it, we enter into our lives with our energy reservoirs only  half full at best and therefore never truly present.

Allow yourself the time to rest today – tonight honor the darkness – the longest night of the year – and rest. Let the frantic nature of this time of year drop away. Get smart and order gifts online rather than running from place to place to do it all. Feed yourself bone broth and other hot soups and stews to nourish your cells. Again, let the sugar and alcohol of this season stay on the shelf. Feed your body what truly nourishes it. Move and exercise in ways that work for you. Take naps. Do yoga and meditate. Put on my Basic Relaxation and Energizing CD. And then take another nap.

Years ago my mentor, Dr. John Upledger, used to tell us that the stem cells of the body, responsible for all new cell regeneration, require rest and sleep to function best. Now, the latest research is telling us something very similar – the brain cannot clean its waste products and get ready for the next day without good sleep. So rest. Give yourself permission to slow down and ‘sink in’ as the days get colder and the nights are long. We are at the turning point today – the longest night is passing and the sun returns…


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