The Present Moment in Every Day Life

As this powerful gathering ends today, the question arises:

How do we take the power of what we have experienced here together back into our busy, daily lives?

Reflecting on what we have experienced together these last five days, the answer is actually quite simple. I remind you of the paragraph we opened with last Wednesday in my post.

Slowing down time is important. Having resilience of breath is important. Moving in internally inspired ways is important. In every moment. Conscious.

When we step over the threshold – out of the grip of linear time – the infinite power of the present moment arrives. And in that moment, all is available to us. No need to do anything more…simply being.

Once having touched this place – even briefly – it is as though our cells have been awakened to something they long forgot. Each of us can take it back out into our lives, through expanded awareness of the possibilities, clear choice and the resilience to walk in our world with this centered, mindful state of being.

The resources you need to maintain this will show up. Notice them when they come and make time for them. Commit to the process of being present. It does not guarantee a rose garden of a life. It does provide deep support for the hard times as well as access to the joy of each moment of being alive.

Further, it gives ignites our creativity and clear thinking. Solutions present and you have the choice to receive them. Or not. Your choice always.

Take the wheel of your bus and drive it. Stop unconsciously handing it over to everyone else and then blaming them where you end up!

And, above all else, enjoy the ride!


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