The Ocean Refuses No River

2PacificViewThe following quote comes from the mother of my friend Cynthia, who lived on the  ocean for many years. Thank you for sharing it with me Cynthia.

“The simplicity of the relationship with the ocean comforts me; she wants nothing from me or I from her except I want to “be” with her.”

Teaching here at Esalen and living in this sweet space with a view of the ocean when I sit up in bed each morning is such a gift. The song The Ocean Refuses No River comes to mind as I contemplate my relationship with this powerful element of nature, the Pacific ocean.


One thought on “The Ocean Refuses No River

  1. “. its a wonderful thought to call the ocean ” She”. To me ( and from my bedroom window ) she is like an octopuss. Transforming itselves every hour and day. This Baltic sea of The Gulf of Finland gets frosen many times during the winter and melts too. This formation is very close to Continuum, that I love to have in my life ????

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