The Illusion of Control

As I plan and strategize and budget and lean into the future, I would be wise to remember that life works better when I realize that I can do all of the above and still have what unfolds completely surprise me. Life has its own rhythm and flow. Any illusion of control is rather pointless yet something within me still seems to think I will feel safer if I am “in control”.

So I do my best to be honest with myself and others. I plan and strategize and then release the outcome so that it can come back to me when it is time. I take action steps in the direction of my heart’s dreams and then let them go as well. Then they can return when the time is right. I listen to my heart and my gut. I watch where my feet are drawn to walk. I do my best to think for myself – be self-referencing – and not be swayed by the popular opinion of the moment.

But most challenging is letting go of the illusion of control. From the weather, to our spouses and partners, our children, and how our bodies heal and grow, it is all ultimately not within our ability to control. So learning to ride the currents in the river of life, enjoying the experience and not pushing against the flow is what I am remembering today. And everyday actually (smile).


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