The Beauty of Canada All In One Day – Thanks to Tamara!

Thanks to Tamara Watt, I managed to see a stream of beauty that started outside of Calgary in Canmore, went all the way up to Jasper, and came all the way back down Route 93 in slightly more than 24 hours. Whew!


With Tamara’s encouragement, I hiked quite a ways in Maligne Canyon and at Edith Cavell Glacier, took photos of two different black bears and several Bighorn Sheep playing, eating or resting beside Route 93.


We visited Lake Louise and drank in it’s spectacular vistas. I took photos of Bow Lake  and the Columbia Icefield and ate an exquisite salmon dinner in Banff. I got sprayed by the mist of Athabasca Falls and Sunwapta Falls. And, we did all of this in one day! Needless to say I would never have done it without her.


As the day unfolded, I learned from Tamara that she has a kind of a mission in life to get the hard working CST instructors she facilitates for, to relax and enjoy the beauties of whatever city they happen to be teaching in. She knows all too well how we usually do our job and simply go home. It appears that our creative juice is being spent in the classroom. So after watching this sad state of affairs for God-only-knows-how long, she decided to do something about it! She makes it a point to touch as many of us as possible with her boundless energy, while doing things like getting us to walk all over Manhattan (I won’t mention names here, but you know who you are!) Or, in my case, putting me in her SUV and driving me hundreds and hundreds of kilometers through endless breathtaking mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and picturesque towns.


By the time we returned late last night, I was both filled up and exhausted by all that the day had given me. I am including some photos just so you know I am not making this up. If you are a CST instructor, and Tamara is your facilitator, be ready. Her relentless exuberance may decide to joggle you out of your hard working rut and show you the glories of where ever you are!


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