Thank Goodness for My Community

Today began beautifully. The Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries was off to a wonderful start. I slipped out at 11am to get the coloring utensils next door. On my way back to the room I turned my foot coming down a steep incline. I managed to make it back into the training room and I sat down and checked in with my foot. Not good. Not happy. Pulsing and starting to swell.

I knew that I was in trouble, but I was teaching, so I quietly assessed how to get my own needs met as I held the class. As the class was sharing in pairs, my colleague, Karen Axelrod did a CST direction of energy for the aching in my foot. It settled down and I thought I was going to perhaps be okay (denial is a trait I consider helpful at times.) I hobbled down the hill to lunch and one of my students in the Legacy group (Simon), eager to practice his new found skills, did more work on my foot. Then I hobbled up the hill and my sweet husband, Carlos, treated me before class started. I tried icing it only to have my foot cramp up and go into a small spasm. I gave in and asked if anyone had an anti-inflammatory.

At the end of the day an emergency room physician, Dr. Ed Savay and a chiropractor, Dr. Theresa Dobson(both students in the workshop), both offered to help. They assessed the damage – letting me know that nothing was broken (Dr. Ed), but that the bones in the middle of my foot were really out of alignment (Dr. Theresa). She appeared at dinner with her Activator and put the bones back where they belonged and told me to start an anti-inflammatory. Resting for an hour without moving, foot elevated, I tried to go to the bathroom only to discover that it still hurt pretty badly when I put pressure on it.

When I returned to the table my colleagues Chery Owens and Lorna Milliken took turns doing their magic on my foot and leg. As I write this, it is definitely starting to improve. The ER Doc and Chiropractic physician just returned to check on me and do several more minor adjustments. Traumeel is applied gently and I am ready for bed. Someone drove me up the hill so my foot could rest and not have the walk.

Thank goodness for a community of people who care about me. My foot is on the road to recovery and I definitely could not have done it alone. Wonderful metaphor and life lesson. Ask and you can receive what you need.


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