Taking Time Off to Rest

As last weekend rolled in it began as an overwhelming sense of tiredness. Then the low grade fever and body aches ensued and I knew I had to rest. I have not been sick for a couple of years now. I recognize that the activity level of the last two weeks (wasn’t Beyond the Dura just over the moon?!?!), combined with 4 airline flights had probably pushed the limits of my system.

So I have rested and taken in lots of warm fluids (lemon ginger tea was the drink of the day on Saturday.) I have slept some more. I have eaten very little, and rested some more. I took a long warm bath with Epsom salts. My wonderful husband gave me an acupuncture treatment and a head rub. I have gone to bed early every night.

What I do not do anymore is to get irritated that I am sick. I see my body as a wonderful partner, so when it says “We need to slow down, we are fighting something in here,” I listen.

It is interesting how my inner listening changes at a time like this. The requests get very simple. When I feel thirsty, I ask things like, “Warm or cool?” Then I run down the list of my teas and when I get to the right one a bell in my head goes off and I pull that tea off the shelf and make a cup.

If I am sitting up and my body says, “Lie down and close your eyes”, then I do that. I check in moment to moment and my body is very clear on what I need. And believe me, there are a lot of herbs, tinctures, and remedies in our house. So knowing which ones are best for this immune challenge is also something I ask inside. I find that things just pop into my head that I need. So I go dig up “Singers Saving Grace” from my travel bag and start administering it to my sore throat (that was Saturday morning), or a Chinese herbal formula (started that Friday evening) that often cuts these things down considerably when taken religiously…so here I am.

It is Monday evening and I am feeling much better, yet it is not done and I know that. So I commit to taking it easy this week and letting myself rest as much as possible while life goes on around me. I like this slower pace for a change…


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