Sydney Vivid – Music and Lights Ignite Presence

Last night was the final evening of Sydney Vivid. I shared a meal and walked with my hosts here in Sydney – Shane Hill, his lovely wife Jenn and his wonderful daughter Jess – and what a night it was. Not only was I able to get a new lens on the Opera House from across the harbor in what is called “The Rocks”, but we also happened upon a musician who was phenomenal. I am going to do my best to insert a video of him playing one of my favorite pieces of music. Hope it works!

First, the Opera House in one its more colorful moments. It is not in clear focus because I was shooting it from across the harbor. However, the point is that you can see ALL the wings or sails of the Opera House at one time…so let your eyes go soft in their focus and drink this in.

Next is my big experiment (which, if it works, will change my blogs forever!) where I put my camera on video and recorded this fantastic musician for almost 5 minutes. Here goes!

Well, I have tried for two days to upload the music video to no avail – you will have to imagine him for now. Christy will upload it to my website when I get home next week and then send you all a link to watch and listen to him. (I could not even get DropBox to take it…) My tech skills are sorely lacking in this department. Sigh…

Enjoy the Opera House and look for the music when I return.


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