Sydney Vivid Contributes to WWPT

Two days ago I arrived in Sydney to continue my World Wide Presence Tour (and of course to share my gifts with students here next week.) I arrived earlier than originally planned, so that I could experience Sydney Vivid. Late that first afternoon I threw on my coat and walked across Sydney – from Surry Hills to the harbor – to catch this amazing light show. If you google Sydney Vivid you will likely see the Sydney Opera house from a distance in a still photograph of brilliant colors in the (normally) huge white sails of this iconic landmark.

However, I wanted to get up close and personal (forget looking at it from a distance!) and not only see this beauty, but also be able to feel its effects on the people around me. After all, this is the WWPT and I needed data. Haha!

When I rounded the corner of the harbor quay and the Opera House came into view – it was breathtaking. Then the fun began – in the advertisements for this huge light show, there is nothing about how the lights are not static at all – they change and move and morph constantly.

Here are a series of photos taken seconds to minutes apart  – all looking up at the Opera House  – from really up close! All the people around me were in awe, as I was.

AND then there was a plethora of beautiful light exhibits in the Botanical Gardens that are right behind the Opera House. This one was probably my favorite. I LOVE all the color and the rounded shapes as though children were playing underneath a thick colorful blanket and poking outward intermittently.

I am headed back there tonight for the final night of Sydney Vivid – look for more photos tomorrow if I can get some really good ones – and enjoy!


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