Sydney Opera House Presence

My time in Sydney has been blessed with many amazing experiences – from the riveting and powerful play Saint Joan last Monday evening (thank you, Louise!), to the Sydney Opera House last night for the Song Keepers concert.

The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir sang from their hearts – and it was a hauntingly beautiful sound. I was particularly taken with their version of Waltzing Matilda (in their own native language).

However, the song that absolutely made my night was Kumbaya, again in their own native language, punctuated by the choir director turning to all of us in audience and asking us if we wanted to sing with the choir.

Me, sing in the famous Sydney Opera House concert hall? I practically leaped to my feet when he instructed us all to stand. Now, for those of you who don’t know me well, if asked what I would be doing if I were not doing my current life’s work, I always answer, “I would be singing my heart out somewhere – I LOVE to sing.”

And here I was in the concert hall, famous for its incredible acoustics being asked if I wanted to sing! Needless to say, I felt filled with joy from head to toe, from singing full out in this magical place. The acoustics were indeed amazing and I had tears of happiness streaming down my face by the end of the song.

Here I am with my merry band of song lovers (Shan, Taryn and Rachel) after the concert with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. You can see what a novice I am at Selfies!

And here is the Opera House as she normally looks without all the psychedelic colors of Sydney Vivid last week. Still an incredibly graceful, and spectacular structure, with or without the lights from last week!

Breathe this one in…the air here is cool, clear and energizing – I have been walking everywhere and what a joy that is!

As the Developing and Deepening Your CranioSacral Presence course here in Sydney comes to a close tomorrow I will truly be sad to say goodbye to this fabulous city, to all the students who are now friends and to Shane Hill and his family – all of whom have welcomed me so warmly. It has been a wonderful time and the World Wide Presence Tour finishes up its Asian and Australian portion soon.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my WWPT journey, and, enjoy!


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