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As my gift to you I want to offer you a free five minute Full Body Presence meditation, as well as an opportunity to explore my world of embodied presence more deeply with a product bundle at 50% off.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with us, one more time, so that I can gift you with a little more of my world. I truly believe it is the future of hands-on therapy to include your whole body navigational system so that your inner radar is fully functioning. What an edge this offers!

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Would you like to see clips from the 2011 workshop Moving Consciousness: Touch, Health & Resilience with Emilie Conrad and Suzanne Scurlock? Just use the button to the right to learn more about our Continuum & the Healing Process DVD series!  Then, come back here to view the special offer on Full Body Presence and A Journey Home to Ourselves below.

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Over 14 hours of practical lessons,
impactful stories, and soothing meditation on MP3,
plus the full PDF eBook of Full Body Presence
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

As the developer of the Healing From the Core and Ethics in Action curricula, I have presented to thousands on all facets of presence, grounding, and healthy boundaries.

I invite you to explore the many resources I have available here— from my current workshops and events scheduled worldwide, to the articles and interviews available on the Resources page.

But today, I want to share two of my most potent creations, both products of my drive and desire to share everything I’ve learned: my Book, Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to your Body’s Wisdom, and my comprehensive audio series, Healing From the Core: A Journey Home to Ourselves.

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Full Body Presence:
Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom


Healing From the Core:
A Journey Home to Ourselves

A Healthy Read
For Healthy Listening

Together, my book and audio series present the Know-How to:

Overcome the resistance – the inertia or fear or pain – that keeps us from creating the life we want here and now

➪ Be more grounded and present in each moment

Nourish and rejuvenate yourself even in times of stress

➪ Have better outcomes with those in need around you

Access your creativity and joy!

Full Body Presence:
Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom

MP3 Audio Book and Accompanying Audio Explorations with Full PDF Transcript

30 tracks, 6 hours 50 minutes

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Consciously inhabiting our physical being is the gateway to healing and full aliveness. Full Body Presence guides us with wise teachings, stories, and powerfully crafted experiential explorations on this path of awakening.
— Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance

Full Body Presence is a must-read for all healthcare professionals and anyone who wants to stay healthy and continue their journey of wellness. Read Suzanne Scurlock-Durana’s book many times — it’s full of stories, simple-to-follow exercises, and important principles. Suzanne carefully teaches these principles to manifest change in your life. She weaves wonderful life energy throughout the tapestry of her work. Brava!
— Ilana Rubenfeld, author of The Listening Hand and creator/founder of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method

Healing From the Core:
A Journey Home to Ourselves


10-session Comprehensive Audio Series on MP3
Over 7 hours of practical instruction and soothing meditation

Includes a recently updated, expanded Five Principles discussion
34 tracks, 7 hours 41 minutes

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I can finally feel my connection to my own source and to the rest of the world in a healthy way- very empowering.
— A customer after purchasing A Journey Home to Ourselves

Suzanne’s work has allowed me to open my heart, to be more peaceful and to reach some of my innermost dreams. I recommend her series as an introduction, an alternative and/or an adjunct to her work. Her workshops are incredibly powerful, and her series is a reflection of what she offers from her heart to ours.
— Lisa Dabbs, Maryland

The tapes have an uncanny way of getting you to look at your present limitations as opportunities for growth. Absolutely 5 stars.
— Connie Hambrock, Herndon, Virginia

Suzanne’s voice is magical

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Suzanne Scurlock

P.S. It’s my life’s mission to help you learn to connect more deeply with yourself, move beyond any resistance to success, unlock your ability to live in the present moment and apply the skills of Full Body Presence to every area of your life! Take advantage now of the best of my teachings with this special offer!

P.P.S. I don’t know how long I can make this downloadable package available. It’s the first time I’ve offered these materials together at such a low, low price. And don’t forget that it includes the accompanying Audio Explorations that go with my book, Full Body Presence. In these Audio Explorations, I walk you through the exact steps for how to truly befriend and get to know every cell of who you are, and how to clearly hear the wisdom within you. Many people have told me that these Audio Explorations alone are worth way more than the price of the book — some even say that they are the most valuable product I offer! Get yours today!

More about
Suzanne Scurlock,
Full Body Presence and A Journey Home to Ourselves

Many teachers stress the importance of living in the present moment. Few give the actual practices to make it attainable. This book and audio series teach you how to return to the incredible navigational system of the body and more fully inhabit each moment.

For over 25 years, Suzanne Scurlock has masterfully guided people from all walks of life in her how-to skills for clear, powerful presence. Supported by her book Full Body Presence, she passionately shares the practical steps that allow each person to expand their potential professionally and personally. A sought-after speaker, she has presented to thousands on all facets of presence, grounding, and healthy boundaries. Her unique approach is beautifully imparted in the Healing From the Core curriculum as well as the Signature Energy Presence for Coaches curriculum that will soon debut at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. She has authored numerous professional articles and her popular blog, Presence Matters. Suzanne has a private practice in Reston, VA. She is a Certified Instructor of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release with The Upledger Institute International (since 1987), is on faculty at the Esalen Institute (since 1994), and collaborated for two decades with Continuum movement founder Emilie Conrad.

The practices of Full Body Presence, introduced in the book of the same name and expanded upon in the Healing From the Core comprehensive audio series, help you find a deeper awareness in the moment, even in the midst of chaos, family and work demands, or the pressure to perform. This deeper awareness also brings a fuller sense of trust and confidence in yourself and in the world.

Full Body Presence is filled with concrete, life-friendly explorations and instruction clearly presented in both the book and the free accompanying downloadable audio files. The Healing From the Core audio series expands upon the practical instructions of the book to help you apply its principles in every facet of your life, helping you make nourishing choices whether you are navigating through a time of great tumult and change, or simply deciding what to eat for dinner.