Snake Medicine

Sunday morning we discovered a five foot black snake completely caught up in the coarse netting my husband had put over the hostas to save them from the deer. It was a sad sight to see this magnificent snake twisted tightly into this girdle of plastic netting that was cutting off it’s life force slowly but surely.

I looked closely at the snake and realized that it could not bite me because it’s mouth was clamped shut by a loop of the plastic wrapped around it like a tight harness. So, I went and  got a good pair of scissors and sitting down beside the snake, I began to talk slowly and calmly to it as I began to snip away at the plastic netting.

It wrapped the back end of itself around my arm as if to test and see who I was. When Carlos joined me, it wrapped itself around his arm, too. It was really strong! As the minutes ticked by, slowly the snake relaxed as I methodically snipped and freed strand after strand of the strangle hold that this plastic mesh had on it. As we got up to its head, my son Aren arrived and showed Carlos the proper way to hold a snake’s head in order to not cut off its airways and yet not get bitten.

Its head and neck were really caught. As I got to its mouth, I was no longer thinking about being bitten, and I carefully cut away the strands that were holding it’s mouth shut and then we extracted the plastic strands it had half swallowed.

When I was done, and it was free, Aren carried it carefully to the grass nearby and let it slither away. It did not swing around and try to bite him, nor had it tried to bite me as I completed my mission right up into its mouth. It was as though somewhere in the process of setting it free, we had somehow gotten deeply connected.  I had no fear of it anymore and it was not afraid of me either.

It is interesting that I have had two dreams in recent weeks, before this event, in which there were snakes. Snake medicine is powerful and I have been percolating on what all this means to me. Today a client sent me a link to a website about snake medicine. See for yourself and enjoy!


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