Slowing Down


Slowing down after three weeks of teaching is a conscious effort. It is interesting how quickly my body falls into the highly focused role of teaching and leading groups, and how I must – and this happens every time – make a clear choice to let it all go when it is done.

What do I mean by this? When I am teaching or leading something my energy field gets narrower to focus on the group and the goal of that time period. And when it is over, I have to consciously drop back to my bones. This also means letting my focus deepen, then spread out again, softening and widening.

So I am going to spend the day (after some wonderful bodywork) in the spectacular Esalen garden letting my focus dilate open again as the flowers do their magic on me.

Then Aren and I travel all day Monday back to Reston. Our friends Gary and Fran Dotson are starting the journey with us by taking us to SFO. I am looking forward to the time together with all of them. Enjoy!



One thought on “Slowing Down

  1. I love this reminder that you do this. It’s a great model, Suzanne! Thank you.

    It reminds me to give proper respect to the things I do in the world in collaboration with others and to take care of myself accordingly after the experience. When I’ve been in your workshops, I’ve felt the heroism that is both given and evoked. Heroism of any kind naturally requires integration and healing for the body.
    I suspect that when we dedicate a fitting time and attention to integration, letting the body do most of the work, it serves a mindful transition to the supportive work, not just in recovery for the body, but in our (full body) presence ever after.

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