Shifting the Paradigm

This morning we began AEDA I (HFAE1) with a rich discussion about how this work and the skills it teaches for full body presence are paradigm shifters. Whether we are talking about hands-on healing modalities, leadership coaching, meditative practices, psychotherapy, or care giving at any level, the paradigm of navigating from the wisdom of the body is shifting our collective consciousness.

In the Healing From the Core curriculum our basic practice for full body presence often bumps up against the existing paradigm, which gives validity to only, that which is rational and linear in nature. This leaves us operating from old cultural messages of the adversarial nature of life and limiting personal beliefs.

As the culture shifts paradigms, we are seeing more discussion in all quarters about the importance of embodiment – of living in all the cells of your body. However, the deeper understanding of actually living and working from within is a sensory experience. Sensation is the doorway to the body’s ability to experience life to its fullest. Registering sensations that inform you when things are healthy and feel right, as well as knowing when something is unhealthy or life threatening,  is a key benefit of living in the present moment.

From what felt like a lone journey over two decades ago, I feel a deep excitement as I look around today and share this new paradigm with so many – with wonderful researchers like Dan Siegel and Bruce Lipton, and other teachers from complementary fields. The understanding of the importance of the sensory component of embodiment is coming into its own – in brain integration research, in stress reduction practices, in emotional intelligence skill building.

I look forward to what is coming next – we have such potential as human beings. It is time we really began to live from that potential.


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