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Yesterday's interview is already available to listen to online

Wow! Yesterday’s interview is already available to listen to online

Yesterday, I felt honored to kick off the first of 12 interviews in our online ALL YEAR LONG Empower Your CST Practice series. The questions I was asked by Kate and by the audience were quite good and I got to share some really compelling moments from my practice about presence and how it modulates stress and well being in our clients and in ourselves.

When my brother died quite suddenly in 1996, a whole new level of learning came forward for me about how to be with my grief as I continued to work professionally. Each time I share that story it touches me deeply and reminds me to let my energy field expand around what I am feeling rather than contracting with fear of overwhelm. As a therapist this means knowing how to feel your feet on the floor, how to drop deep into your bones so that you remain present with the healing process on the table in front of you no matter what.

This process does not require that anything be suppressed – that is the exciting part about being deeply present.

Because all the calls and bonus interviews are recorded you can still jump in on the entire series –  visit the IAHE registration page for your place in our growing international group of CST therapists, or simply learn more.


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